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    Things to know.

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    Things to know.

    Post by Aqua on Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:21 pm

    First off this is also a set of rules more or less and information that you may need when navigating around the site.

    Ok here we go.
    we allow you to play multiple characters and if you do and IF the characters are in the SAME PLACE you may post in one reply as both characters if you do the following,

    You must Use the phrase CHARACTER SWITCH and the character's name you are switching to and the post much be in a different color too, all of this can be found on that bar thing at the top of the post box. the character swtich must be in Huge font. the one with 2 a's on it changes font. the one with the color boxes on it changes the color of the text. be sure that all of the text from the switched character is in the same color.

    there are several forums to role play in. the park is for all outdoor setting in the game.
    crown center is for cafes and shopping restaurants and arcade.
    Home is for the character homes and to be used only if the character is at his or her home with other characters. so if Ami and Uasko over the character would post their replies there.

    if your characters are in the park and then decide to go to the arcade you will end one post with leaving the part and start the next one in crown center. same goes for other topics, if you are going from one place to the other be sure to post your next reply in the right forum other wise it will be moved and you will be warned. If you are going to meet up with other characters that are already posting there post in the topic they are using, other wise start a new topic.

    the new topic button is on the left side of the screen near the top of the posted replies. the reply button is next to the new topic button.

    i don't like being mean guys so please try to follow the rules, if you have questions post them under this post in this thread. also reply Read an Understood or R&U to this topic no need to quote or copy and paste the whole thing over again.

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